Leadership Development
Create positive dynamics as a leader! Or why it’s well worth investing in leadership.
Are you aware of the quality of leadership in your company?
Leadership influences people and organisations – both positively and negatively.
It makes sense to take a good look at it.
Only consistent corporate management will guarantee the implementation of innovations and changes that are in line with market developments and respond to what the market wants. Employees who all pull together, from management and production all the way to service, will ensure that your company remains effective.

In order to create such concerted action, an awareness of leadership is required, with systematic feedback to help identify blind spots.

Organisations are facing sweeping changes that can be unsettling.
Do your managers have the right skills to adequately handle resistance and fear among your workforce and facilitate new learning experiences?
Create clarity and enhance potential for development:
Stocktake of current leadership skills against corporate objectives and strategy
Definition of the situation you are aiming for and how to get there
Development of a common understanding of leadership and a leadership profile
Development and competence requirements for each management level, comparison with the system for agreeing objectives and its further development
Implementation and evaluation of circular management feedback
Derivation of appropriate, competence-based development measures for management levels and individual executives
Identification of potential leaders through competency-based aptitude diagnostics
Development and implementation of assessment and development centre processes

Inform now

Interval training ......... LEADERSHIP DYNAMICS
By spacing training and coaching sessions four to six weeks apart, you can ensure that momentum is harnessed and new techniques are immediately implemented into everyday management tasks. Particularly for executives who are pushed for time, this is a feasible form of continuous development.
Current training areas that we would be happy to adapt to your requirements and implement:


Managing in times of change – Being an agile Leader!
Impact of your management style and behaviour on colleagues and the company
Leading Change – Managing dynamics!
This allows you to successfully steer your way through change and deal with resistance
Mindful Leadership – Managing yourself and others healthily!
How mindfulness leads to better decisions and results
SPECIAL: Leadership for Women – Women manage differently!
Gender-specific management training