Organisational consultancy in dynamic times

Our advice helps you to identify the changes needed in your company and then develop and successfully implement the right interventions.

Is it your objective to make the right decisions in complex situations and motivate people to take on responsibility for upcoming change?

Do you want to generate the energy needed for change in order to keep the organisation capable of and ready for change?

Benefit from our experience and services.


We work with you on the key success factors for change:


>    behaviour
>    culture
>    system


We develop efficient and effective measures for systematic and targeted implementation.


Our process is transparent and tailored to the overall situation in your company, your strategic direction and your system dynamics.


We support the change process for the long term in the form of customised training, workshops, coaching and advice.




We work on participants’ situations and concerns, leading to binding outcomes and solutions.


We reinforce the capabilities of executives and employees through our consultancy work.




We promote understanding between divisions and hierarchies to improve collaboration.


We raise people’s awareness of the change required and increase their commitment to the regeneration ahead.





We focus on solutions and resources to mobilise positive energy for change.




Contact us for personal advice about your change project.

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Tailored to your requirements, we offer personalised advice in different contexts to:


Support for your management team during the change process

Inventory – diagnosis of change requirements – development of Change Project Design – implementation support through workshops and coaching

Improve collaboration between divisions and departments

Structured interviews – workshop on Conflict diagnosis and development of measures – interdepartmental team building activities – coaching of executives

Change your management and corporate cultures

Culture diagnostics – identify measures – Implementation support

Develop and implement a competence management system

Inventory – Workshop to develop strategic core competencies – development of competency profiles for all areas and levels – implementation support

Undertake 180° or 360° management feedback

Preparation of managers through workshops – development of survey parameters implementation and evaluation – support to executives in the follow

Implement a systematic employee appraisal/feedback

For all functions and levels with the involvement of the work council