Sonja Thiemann

My management consultancy is based on more than 20 years of professional experience, including 15 years of leadership experience in national and international management schools with consultancy services in the development and implementation of measures for personnel and organisational development. Together with long-standing network partners, industry-specific experts and based on scientifically proven methods, I uncover hidden and unused potential for the development of solutions and innovations. A key to success is the improvement of cooperation and interaction between departments and hierarchies.

Where there are blockades and stagnations or unfavourable dynamics have led to corrosive energy states, I put people and systems back into positive motion. In doing so, I activate the organisational self-healing powers and work consistently with the potential which, according to my basic systemic conviction, is already available for solution. The core of my work is to find this potential and make it usable.

Industry experience

My range of clients includes corporate groups, small and medium-sized companies, public law organisations and individuals.

Financial sector and banks

Industry and production

Mechanical and plant engineering

Healthcare – Clinics

IT and telecommunications

Public sector

Radio and broadcasting services

My consulting approach is characterized by a focus on resources and solutions that set people and systems in motion.

Sonja Thiemann


Professional background & qualifications

Many years’ experience in management, developing and running business units

Extensive project experience in talent management, change management, management development and coaching processes

Several years’ experience in HR consultancy around systems for agreeing objectives, competency management, introduction of employee feedback meetings, development and implementation of virtual learning platforms and learning media

Advanced training to Professional Scrum Master (PSM 1)

Various training courses in competency, motivation and personality diagnostic tools (for example KODE® und KODE(X)®, Insights ®MDI, ReissProfile, MSA®, Reflector Big Five Personality)

Training in systemic organisational consultancy (WSFB)

Training in outplacement consultancy

AC observer training (Kienbaum)

Training in systemic coaching (ADG/DGCO)

Train the trainer (ADG/BDVT),
Professional Scrum Master (PSM 1)

Degree in education specialising in occupational psychology, adult education and sociology

Banking studies

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