Executive Coaching

Leading to greater business success with personal growth.

As an executive you frequently face decisions whose consequences and side effects you can only identify and influence to a limited extent.

The reasons for this are complex and lie in

the rapid pace of change, independencies and complexity

the fact that people’s perceptions are subjective and lead to hasty evaluations of situations and people that subsequently prove to be wrong.

To prevent mistakes and avoid adverse developments, it is important for executives to meet regularly with a neutral third party to reflect on what is happening and receive feedback.

The identification of the cause and effect between your own actions and those of your colleagues require a certain distance from day-to-day matters and a fundamental willingness to embark on a guided process of self-awareness.

You can obtain get this distance during confidential coaching sessions in which you

consider your current situation calmly

draw inspiration and gain impetus and new perspectives

receive open and professional feedback about what motivates you and what you want to achieve.

Coaching is a meaningful method for

difficult decision-making and dilemmas

strategic and tactical sparring, development of solutions and future scenarios

empowerment and development planning

support for executives during change processes

transition and onboarding

a new and revised direction, a change in perspective and personal standpoints

conflict review and resolution

What happens during coaching?

You gain clarity with regard to what you really want to achieve, what actually motivates you and certainty about the right way ahead.

You discover untapped potential and resources and gradually expand your competence for action in areas in which you want to make a change and that is needed to achieve your objectives.

Depending on your goal, scientifically tested diagnostic tools are used to analyse your individual competence (the KODE process according to Professors Erpenbeck and Heyse) and personality structure (process based on C.J. Jung and the NEO personality inventory) as well as your 16 basic desires (according to Professor Steven Reiss).

So that the desired change is made effectively and for the long term, during our coaching sessions you will receive support and tools in self-management, as well as reflection techniques that you can easily transfer to your day-to-day management tasks.

What is coaching and what is the process?

I see coaching as short-term advice for my clients focused on solutions and resources, with the objective of you yourself steering and implementing the changes that you wish you make.

Starting from your current situation and how you would ideally want things to be, we develop new perspectives and alternatives as well as future scenarios. You are supported in this process from milestone to milestone for as long as you feel it necessary.

The next steps – offer

Contact me for a free and confidential session in which we meet and clarify the assignment and the objectives. You will promptly receive a non-binding offer from me with the description of the objectives as I have understood them, my services, my terms and conditions as well the parameters to be agreed.

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